Friday, February 26, 2010

You Might Teach In Texas If ...

You might teach in Texas if you notice this while giving your weekly Spelling test ...
... a cowgirl with her hat hanging down her back.  Everyone knows that a good cowgirl does not actually wear her hat ON her head.  Oh no ... we Texas girls take too much pride in our hair to have it mussed up by a hat!

You might teach in Texas if during calendar you noticed ...
... a cute pair of cowboy feet stuffed in a pair of boots.  And, just so you know, seeing said cowboy swagger across tile floor ... absolutely darlin'!

You might teach in Texas if you know that bandanas are ...
... a fashion accessory to be worn around the neck, not the head (remember the hat mussing the hair?)  You never know when you may need to take part in a great train robbery!

You might teach in Texas if you have kids come to school sporting ...
... belt buckles bigger than their heads!  The bigger the better.  Seriously!

You might teach in Texas if ...
... your line looks a little like this.  Oh for the love of the boots!

You might teach in Texas if you know how to slide ...
... with your boots on.  Again, for the love of the boots!

You might teach in Texas if seeing this ...
is not unusual to you.  Because if you live in Texas you know the importance of a good cowboy hat!

You might teach in Texas if you find a little cowpoke ...
... on the swing at recess.
You might teach in Texas if you have to find storage spots for ...
... cowboy hats.  Lots and lots of cowboy hats!

You might teach in Texas if your little cowgirls know how to wear ...
... some fringe.  Because after a good pair of boots, a fancy hat, a big buckle and big Texas hair, nothing says "I am Texan" like some fringe anywhere on your outfit!
You might teach in Texas if you look under a table and see ...
... a scuffed up pair of cowboy boots.  We Texans love our boots to death.  Literally.

And, if you do teach in Texas, I don't need to tell you why you are lucky.  And, if you don't teach in Texas, I am sorry.  So very very sorry.  Because you will never know the joy that comes from seeing your littles arrive at school on "Go Texan Day" wearing their love for Texas and swaggering like only a true Texan can.

Happy Go Texan Day! 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good News, Kids!

Somebody went back to school today.  That would be me.

Somebody did not.  That would be Torrey.  She almost made it.  One more day of rest was good for her.  And, she actually got most of her make up work done.

Some day she will thank the Lord she takes after her father!

My kiddos were happy to see me.  Several of them crept up to the door and peered anxiously in and than ran to me with open arms.  Ladies and gents, I give you exhibit A of why I teach Kindergarten.

Today was Library day.  Which would be on the 6th floor of a different building.  Which means we get to ride an elevator.  Oh happy day!  

I will stop here and say I believe in bribery.  If you do not, you can stop reading, or you can read on.  I just may change your mind.  When those doors open on the 6th floor, I never know WHO could be standing on the other side.  I learned early in that the promise of a sticker for the quietest will lead to my job security.  And, who doesn't love a game?

Fortunately today we played the game.

Because, when the doors opened, there stood the Headmaster of the school.  

I will stop here to say that this year we have a new Headmaster.  And, he is fantastic.  The old Headmaster was good, but he rarely cracked a smile.  I would go into a panic attack whenever I passed him last year for fear of what was happening in the line behind me.  But, remember last year was hard.  This year, not so much.  And, the new Headmaster?  He knows how to laugh.  Which is a good thing.

So, anyways ... there is the Headmaster, ready to go into the elevator we are leaving.  As my ducklings exited, D. announced, LOUDLY, "Mrs. Townsend, it's your boss again!"  

What do you do in a moment like that?  You throw your head back and laugh.  And, fortunately, the Headmaster threw his head back and laughed too!

Enjoy your Thursday ... Torrey and I will BOTH enjoy it out of the house!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Torrey got home Friday night.  Exhausted.  But, home.  

We let her sleep late on Saturday.  Dean and I ran out for a bit (more on that later.)  When we got home she had what we thought was the start of a cold.

Dean took her out to pick up a new camera and to get a charm put on her bracelet.  There was also a stop at the store for some medicine.  By the time they got home, she was spent.  There was a rest until dinner ... for all of us.  Not so unusual for Dean and I, but for her, weird.

She ate dinner.  And, then fell apart.  A quick taking of her temp told the tale.

She was sick.  Flu?  Had the shot, so probably not.  Virus?  Possibly.  Swine Flu?  Probably not ... when was the last time you heard of someone with H1N1?

Torrey's friends started posting on Facebook that they were feeling sick.  Many many friends.  Which became our first clue that this may be more than what we thought.

So, this morning Dean headed off to church and I stayed home with our girl.  Who woke up again with a fever.  Dean and I decided it was better to be safe than sorry, so off we headed to the clinic to "just have her checked."

I fully prepared myself to hear she had a virus.

After they swabbed her nose for the flu test, we were told it would take 5 minutes to know if she had the flu.  She barely got that sentence out before she said, "Oh my.  She has H1N1."


Torrey and I looked at each other and laughed.  Which was a totally weird reaction to hearing you have the dreaded swine flu.

And, now?  She is resting ... loaded up with Tamiflu and fluids.  We both got a few days off this week ... and she is enjoying having Dean and I at her beck and call.

She will not be getting a bell.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alive and Well ... and Half Asleep!

Torrey is in the middle of her 8th grade trip to Washington DC.  She is having a blast.  But, we knew she would.  We live in the age of technology, and our school administrator is on the trip and blogging about the fun (Parents aren't allowed to go ... only school staff.  I'm sure she lived in fear that I would be asked to go!)  and sending pictures of the kids.  Torrey calls us every night ... around 10:30 Washington time.  I'm sure there is a plan to keep them exhausted and therefore out of trouble ... head of security is also along for the ride!

Not sure the pictures are the best quality, but you can tell she is having fun. (She was told to please zip up her coat.  Dern technology!)

On Monday night they had a night tour of the Capitol building.  They were the only ones in the building.  John Culberson serves as the congressman from the 7th district in Texas.  He came to the Capitol building to meet the kids and to share his faith.  They took a moment to sing "God Bless America" and to pray for Congressman Culberson and his family.  Gulp.  This was one of those once in a lifetime moments ... never before has an 8th grade class from Second had the opportunity to have a private tour of the Capitol at night with a congressman.  One day, one of these kiddos could serve our country in the same way as Congressman Culberson ... may they never forget that they can serve our country and serve God at the same time!

This morning they visited the White House.  May those that live and work in the people's house recognize there is something different about this group of 8th graders.  Not because they are Texans.  Not because they are smart.  Not because they are cute.  But because of WHO is living in them!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Torrey left for her 8th grade class trip to Washington DC this morning at O'dark thirty.  I rode to school by myself.  I rode home by myself.  And, when I came home she wasn't there to greet me.


Tonight Dean and I are watching the clock and watching the phones.  Waiting for her call.  It is 8:00 in Houston.  It is 9:00 in Washington DC.  She must be having fun.  We are ... not so much.


The Olympics are on.  We are watching snowboarding.  Well, actually it is 4 snowboarders in a winner takes all race to the finish line.  There is a small part of me that thinks perhaps I could do this.


Our house is quiet.  The dogs are quiet.  We miss our girl.  The dogs miss our girl.  I'm thinking perhaps we should homeschool her for college.

And, we all know what she would think of that.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Trace!

Click for your birthday wish:

Have a great 42nd 39th 29th Birthday! :-) 

We love you!

Dean and Torrey

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Because of a Pearl Ring

My parents are back in Israel for the next 3 months.  Yes.  Three months.  Uno.  Dos.  Tres.  No matter how you count them, they equal a long time!  (Just ask Torrey!)

My friends and co-workers often ask about my parents.  And, then they ask the question.

"Doesn't their being in Israel scare you?"

And, today I can honestly answer, "No."  Which causes them to narrow their eyes and ask, "Really?"


If you had asked me that question in November 2008, I would have answered you differently.  Because during their first stint in the garden I was nervous.  I worried about them ... constantly.  Partly because of the fact that there is unrest in Israel.  Mostly because my parents seem to forget they are in their 60's ... and, they don't listen to us ... even when we give them strict instructions of what they can and cannot do.  I'm sure they so love when we do that!

God knows and understands when we are fearful.  He knows when that fear is real and when it is unnecessary.  He loves us and He wants us to remember that He is in control and that my parents are in His hands.  And, while He loves us, He really doesn't need our help.

He taught us that lesson with a pearl ring.

Oh, you read that correctly ... a pearl ring.

My father gave my mother a pearl ring ... with a white pearl and a black pearl.  She loved the ring.  Not because it was expensive, but because my dad gave it to her.  One day in Israel, she fell.  Thankfully, she wasn't hurt terribly and was able to finish her trip to the market.  When she got home, she realized the black pearl had fallen out of the setting.

And, so began the searching for the pearl.  My mom searched.  My dad searched.  They prayed.  They searched some more.  Friends prayed.  And, still no pearl.  It was assumed to have been lost forever.

Several days later, my parents were walking past the spot where my mom fell.  My dad looked in the road and there in a crevice in the tar of the road sat the black pearl.  Protected.  Safe.  Unharmed.

Just like that black pearl, my parents are resting in the crevice of our Heavenly Father's hand.  Protected.  Safe.  Unharmed.  We were able to release the fear of the "what if's" ...

Because of a peal ring.