Monday, March 2, 2015


Mondays are hard. 

I should make that into a tee-shirt. But, seriously, I spent my morning dwelling so much in the hard, wishing for Spring Break, wanting the day to be over ... that I nearly missed the blessing that is Monday.

For one thing ... my desk is clean. Oh I joke. Because at the beginning of the year I went all rogue and got rid of my desk. But my little area is clean. I can't guarantee this will still be true once Wednesday rolls around.

For another ... my littles come in having spent the weekend missing me. They are a bit over me by the time Friday rolls around.

And also ... one of my littles brought me in a gift. A venus fly trap. When a mosquito hawk ventured into our room they started chanting to "feed the plant! feed the plant!" Um, that just seemed wrong. But, before the week is over I may have to find an insect to actually feed to the plant ... although I don't remember seeing that anywhere on my contract!

And then this ... it was supposed to rain all day today. Which means no recess. Which in Kindergarten language is pretty much the same thing as the Bataan Death March. But the rain didn't come and recess happened ... which makes me a hero in my littles eyes.

And finally this ... at some point in the day I stopped dreading Monday and started enjoying it. And in the day I found grace, and laughter, and unexpected hugs, and joy. If I had kept myself in the dreading of the day I would have missed out on the good of the day. 

So, I guess I should come up with a new tee-shirt idea ... 

Hello Monday! I'm glad you are here!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

March the First

It is March 1st. March. I cannot believe it. February feels like it was a blink of the eye ...

I interject here to say that in January I told myself that I would start to blog again in February. Ya. That. Did. Not. Happen. I'm going to blame the bitter cold.

Anyways ... here we are in March. It used to be a ho hum month for me ... and then came 1996 and the arrival of Torrey. And March was forever changed for me. 

Lots has been going on in our little world. We put our house on the market and sold it kind of quickly ... we moved into a rental 10 days before Christmas. We are now trying to decide where we will live ... stay in our current neighborhood? Move into Houston? Build? Renovate? Crazy big decisions. Currently my vote is to buy the rental and renovate it ... because I absolutely love this house! Not so much the kitchen. Or the floors. Or the baseboards. Or the bathrooms. But other than those things I love it. I think what I love most is that we are completely at peace in this house. 

Also about the time of the move, we found out Torrey has a spot in the sorority house next year. We are all excited about the fun that will bring her. We are so thankful for the sweet sisters that God gave her.

My little class grew by one after Christmas. There were growing pains ... for me. My littles (once again) taught me much in the love and the acceptance they showed to our new friend. I can't imagine my world without him now. 

When we moved, we moved Sophie the cat into our room. It was the only place she could go in the new house without the dogs. For the past 11 years she has hidden and been fearful and afraid ... but now? She is a brand new cat. When I said we were all at peace I really meant we were ALL at peace.

Torrey is months from being a sophomore. IN COLLEGE. Please excuse me while I freak out. She has started her education classes. One of my best texts came the day of her first education class when she informed me SHE LOVES HER EDUCATION CLASS!!! I knew she would.

We switched church campuses this fall. Our church has a campus in our neighborhood and we finally made the switch. We love it! Dean is teaching a class again. We are excited to see what God is going to do in our little neighborhood.

A hodge podge post on the first of March ... not promising I will be back tomorrow ... but you never know!