Friday, August 5, 2011


It's iPhriday, iPhriday, gettin' down on iPhriday ...  I'm sure that is what the song was supposed to say.  Do you think that girl feels bad for almost ruining Friday for all of America with her ridiculous song that won't stop playing in my head when it is Friday ... or Thursday?!  

Our week has been busy ... Dean was gone, Torrey had volleyball practice all day for 5 days, I worked in my classroom.  But, guess who forgot to take pictures?  That would be me.  Oh well.  Here is our skimpy week in pictures ...
 When Zack became a Townsend, the cats placed themselves in self-exile upstairs.  Perhaps due to the fact that when he catches them he puts his paw on their back so they can't leave him had something to do with it.  For whatever reason, Nikita decided enough was enough this week and has been hanging out with the dogs ... much to Zoey's joy.  We were all excited about the progress ... it only took 5 years.  Zoey got up on the ottoman with Nikita (with a little help ... bless her chubby heart) ... and said Best. Day.  Ever.
 Kita swatted at Zack's nose a few times ... to keep him in his place and to keep his paw off his back.  Zackie didn't care.  He agreed with Zoey ... Best.  Day.  Ever.  I will admit texting Dean with the news that all three of them were sleeping within 2 feet of each other.  It was my Best.  Day.  Ever.  too.  Now, if Sophie would join the party ... 
 Torrey spent her days at volleyball practice.  She loved it.  I spent my days shopping at teacher stores.  I loved it.  
 The temperature reading of 104 is not a joke.  It has been a bit warmish here this week.  When Torrey got in Dean's car today it said 106.  Usually I would be lamenting in sack clothes and ashes ... this year it hasn't really bothered me.  An almost move to Canada will do that.  I'll take the heat of the summer any day over 3 feet of snow.
My classroom is "shared space" ... which means on Friday I have to pack it all up into cabinets.  Last year we got new cabinets that almost sent me over the edge.  But, it didn't take me long to realize that I was able to get out of school on Friday in record time because of the cabinets.  This year I added a few more bins and labeled every drawer.  This picture is for Jen because she figured out how to make the cabinets work while I was looking for a cliff to jump off.  

I hope your iPhriday was great ... I'm looking forward to this next week.  I head back for inservice and The Help comes out in theaters on Wednesday and I am going with 21 people to see it ... super phun week ahead!