Friday, July 29, 2011


I just realized that this is the last iPhriday of July ... which means the summer is just about over.  Torrey heads back to volleyball practice on Monday (two-a-days) and my school year officially starts the following Tuesday.  Some years I hit this point and want to throw a big two year old fit.  Not this year.  I am somewhat ready to go back.  Now, that isn't to say that by the end of August I won't be wishing for Summer, but right now I am looking forward to getting back into a routine.

But, today isn't about that ... it is about this past week in pictures.  All taken from the iPhone (which I still love).  Enjoy!
 I spent Monday with part of my team from school planning for this school year. And, while I am looking forward to next year, you really cannot go to an all day planning session without coffee.  Grande please.
 I made a stop at Target and sent this picture to Jen ... along with the message about the number of box tops on the package of Kleenex.  Carly's school collects box tops and I drive my family crazy with my obsession to save them so Carly can win a prize.  I'm wondering if I should go into therapy.
 This is the back of my car ... from the same trip to Target ... BEFORE I put anything in my car.  Everything you see in my car is for school.  And, my pile is growing.  Got to love back to school.
 Sadly the 4:30 on the clock is not for the afternoon.  Insomnia is alive and well this week.  I have had the worst time sleeping ... clearly I am a girl who needs a routine!
What? Doesn't everyone take a picture of their cat sitting on the counter next to a banana at 4:30 in the morning? I am not kidding when I said I need a routine ... but once I have one again you won't be seeing random pictures like these!

Happy iPriday!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

She Called Tonight

Torrey has been in Pensacola this week with our church youth group.  They are on a mission trip ... they call it "a mission trip with a camp feel."  They spend their days serving the people of Pensacola and their nights are spent worshipping.  Last year she came home sick but begged us to send her back again.  Remember?

Anyways, the kids get to pick their "track" ... service, VBS, sports camp, set up (it was pretty cool to see those kids on the live feed in the worship area moving from seat to seat praying over whoever was going to sit there before the kids were let in the room).  Torrey picked evangelism.  

I'm going to stop here and remind you that Torrey is a bit shy.  Well, more than a bit.  She doesn't love to order her own food or her drink from Starbucks.  I really questioned her decision and wasn't super quiet about it.  (Shame on me.) She stood her ground ... she told me that she needed to get stronger in sharing Jesus.  (Double shame on me.)

So, early Saturday morning, Torrey headed out for the drive to Pensacola.  Full of excitement of all that was going to happen.  Dean and I couldn't wait to hear about all that was happening to her and through her.  Um, the phone didn't ring.  At all.

We have gotten texts ... welcome to 2011 with a teenager!  Here are some snippets from our "conversations" this week ...

"...I'm super excited to get there."
"Today was so much fun.  We talked to a bunch of people ..."
"No.  I really don't want to go home.  I love it here." (um, that one hurt ... not going to lie!)

I wish I had access to Dean's phone because she texted him some pretty cool messages about her excitement after one message in particular ... she had looked forward to that particular speaker for a long time.  Suffice it to say that she had a blast and loved every minute of her time in Pensacola.

Or, so we gathered from her texts ... because we hadn't heard her voice all week.  Until tonight, that is.  The phone rang at 11:30 and it was our girl.  

And, the really cool thing was that she was overflowing with excitement to tell us all the things that had happened to her this week.  I will admit that I cried.  She has struggled with one girl this year ... as in all year.  Rush Week brought them back together.  She was able to love on a friend walking a hard road tonight.  She talked to a woman about Jesus for 45 minutes today.  My girl.  My shy girl.  She was like a tea cup that was overflowing and more and more is poured into the cup.  I could have listened to her all night ...

But ... she had a plan to head to the beach for one last hurrah, so off she went and I was left to ponder all that she had shared. And as much as I have missed her, I wouldn't have kept her home and away from this experience for anything in the world!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Well, a quick look at the calendar tells me it is iPhriday ... that and the text message I received before I woke up this morning.  It never gets old ... and, it doesn't make iPhriday appear any sooner.  
 Happy hour at Sonic.  Love.  Strawberry slushes for $1.01.  Or, three strawberry slushes for $3.03.  Puts a smile on your face!
 Torrey drove me home.  I'm not sure I will ever get used to this, but she is pretty good.  She had a drive time this week ... but just observation.  Only two more to go.  Hopefully a pill will be discovered to turn her back into a 5 year old before her birthday in March!
 This may only be funny to me.  I still have the ringworm ... due to the fact that I am not religiously putting on the medicine.  Sue me.  Anyways, I discovered my bandaid had slipped down my leg, which was funny ... but, when I realized it had slipped down on the opposite leg?  Hilarious!  
I got a pedicure this week ... and the girl next to my girl convinced me to have my girl put on a design.  Her selling point?  I have large toenails and it would look good.  Gee, thanks.  But, I am loving my summer toes.  They will be gone before Kindergarten starts ... mostly because I try not to cause distractions if at all possible!

And, there it is ... iPhriday with only 4 pictures.  Because that is all the pictures I took!  I'll try to do better next week.  You do not need to text me with your disapproval.  You know who you are.

Friday, July 8, 2011


I would call this one the "Florida-Edition" of iPhriday, but not all of the pictures were taken in Florida ... so it will just be iPhriday ... which will make my sister very happy.  Evidently she is now living for the iPhriday posts.
 The flowers at the front of our neighborhood.  I love them very much.  Only because of the Black-Eyed Susans.  When my parents lived in Massachusetts, the circle in front of their house was full of Black-Eyed Susans during the summer.  Can't wait to see my mom this week. 
 Nikita has found a new spot to sleep.  Zack's crate.  Which is funny for two reasons ... 1) because Kita still HATES the dogs and 2) because if Zackie ever went in his crate and found the cat there it would be his best. day. ever.  Ever.
 We headed for Tampa early on Tuesday morning.  Always exciting when you see your plane arrive.  And, Southwest Airlines ... the Townsend family loves you.  A lot.
 Ready to head to Florida ... to work on her tan.  Because she was looking a bit pale!
 First stop?  Tijuana Flats.  I kid ... we stopped by Jen's to pick her up and then we hit the Flats.
 And, the reason she had to be picked up.  Still broken.  She is really over it.  Thanks guy for hitting her with your car.  (Well, he didn't hit "her", he actually hit her car.)
 My mom was giving choices for dessert.  I was helping by being her "mouth" with the tongs.  It really made us laugh.  Perhaps I should take my show on the road!
 We visited my cousin Adela and Aunt Flo.  Adela had an adorable kitten.  Torrey fed the cat water ... and fell in love with the little buggar.
 Adela's youngest son ... and my brother's mini-me.  Adorable.  Sadly he is the only one I took a picture of.  Worst blogger ever.
 One good thing about my mom having had knee surgery and Jen breaking her foot ... fun toys for the kids to play with.  Torrey gave the walker on wheels a twirl.  Carly has already claimed Jen's boot when she is done with it.  I tried out instagram ... not sure how I feel about it.  Maybe I should have an instagram iPhriday?  We'll see.
 There was a lot of this going on this week.  Little Big Planet on Playstation 3.  All FOUR of the kids loved it ... yes, we are counting Ryan in with the kids.  Trophies and hats were won.  There was lots of laughter.  Lots.  
 On Friday we were going to go to the beach.  And then there was a monsoon.  For real.  It rained all day long.  Which caused us to call "Pajama Day" ... best. decision. ever.  We watched girl movies and made snacks.  There was melted chocolate involved.  Carly was in charge of dipping things in the chocolate.  She started with marshmallows and quickly moved onto other things ... crackers, goldfish, popcorn.  We suggested cat food ... thankfully she chose not to listen to us!
Mom and Dad came over for dinner.  Pajama Day was still going strong.  We tried to tell them they HAD to come in their pajamas ... they chose not to play along.  We watched "Secretariat" ... loved.  I knew how it would end, I just didn't know that the horse would win so spectacularly. 

Another iPhriday in the bag ... let's call this one the Pajama Day version.  Because I loved that day and want to live it again.  And again.  And again. 

Friday, July 1, 2011


Don't judge ... iPhriday this week is a bit lame.  It is hard to take pictures when you are only home.  I kid ... I actually left my house (one day) and took ZERO pictures of the fun girls day out or of Torrey driving me ... I try not to freak her out when she is behind the wheel.  Staying Alive 101.

 Now, without further ado ... iPhriday ...
 We got some surprising news this week ... well, it was only surprising for a day and then it was a little sad.  I took Dean's picture when I told him ... mostly for my sisters.  I hope it made them smile.
 We went out to dinner for our anniversary.  This is my dinner ... little pockets of deliciousness.  Dean thought I was crazy at first ... then he lined up my plate so that "Brio" would be at the top.  Which is why I married him ... he gets me.
 Dean's dinner.  I knew what he would order before we went into the restaurant ... from his drink to his salad to his meal.  Nineteen years is nothing to be scoffed at kids.
 Sophie appears ... again.  I should start taking pictures of her little hiding spots.  It really doesn't need to be said, but the dogs were in bed at this point.  As soon as she knows they are in bed she appears.  It is a gift.
Zoey is a little lot chunky.  We have reduced her food, but haven't seen any evidence of it.  Dean did some reading on-line and discovered that her weight gain is because she is eating her food too fast.  Which is why there is a big shiny ball in her food dish.  It is supposed to slow her down.  It is working great ... she barks until we take it out and then she gobbles up her food.  Welcome to my world.

And, that is iPhriday ... the lame edition.