Friday, May 22, 2015

Summer Is Here

It happened today ... summer arrived! I got a little giddy after I was finished with my pity party that my littles are first graders. The end of the year is bittersweet for teachers. Mostly a lot of bitter.

So ... summer plans? There are lots this year. A trip to the beach. A trip to Orlando for a teaching conference right after. And then a quick family meet up at Glacier National Park to celebrate my sister's birthday. And that is just June.

And I will blog. And I've been TRYING to only space once after sentences ... because evidently only old people space twice. When did spacing once become a thing? And when did it become a thing that identified you as old? I'm pretty sure my typing teacher would disagree. And yes. I took typing in high school. I'm fairly confident that also identifies me as old.

And I will enjoy Torrey being home. Because she is. With ALL her stuff. Which begs the question ... when did she get so much stuff? And why does she have so many clothes? And so many Tri Delta shirts? 

We will not discuss the shoes.

I also have other plans. I'm going to try to figure out calligraphy. There will be visits to the Library. And Starbucks. And Target before 9 in the morning. And craft projects. And cleaning out the garage ... but, good news peeps! The closet does not need to be cleaned out this year. Oh I kid. It needs to be cleaned, but only a little. Perhaps I've turned a corner on my messy closet-ness.

And pretty much the month of July will be spent getting Torrey's new dorm room ready ... because she has big ideas of how she wants it to look. I've learned from last year though. I won't make her room too cozy ... because I want her to come home more than she did last year!

I fully intend to make this summer count ... because all too soon I will be back in my little room with a new group of littles. Not gonna lie ... I'm giddy to go back already!