Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Keep praying for Gracyn. She started having irregular heartbeats on the day she was supposed to go home and they had to do another biopsy to see if she was rejecting the heart. She has an inflammation and is now on anti-biotics until Friday ... at which point she will be able to go home. Most heart patients are in the hospital for 4 weeks ... her recovery has been nothing but an answer to prayer. But, keep praying for her. She is disappointed to have to stay longer and ready to go home.

Rain. Rain. Rain.

If one word could sum up this Spring in Houston, it would be rain. No make that RAIN! I have never seen so much rain ... and, remember we had a certain Hurricane Ike visit us on September 12th? We got more rain in one rain storm on a Saturday than we got during the hurricane. It has been crazy. More than once I have expected to see an ark floating down the street!

So, I wasn't surprised by the storm on Monday night. A bit annoyed, but not surprised. And, it was only annoying because Dean's dogs are afraid of the thunder ... and, surely their barking will make the thunder go away. GRRRR. It died down. We went to bed. And, didn't think a thing of the rain. Until the next morning.

We leave for school early. We are usually ready for school early. We usually spend our mornings watching the news ... as in Fox and Friends (Oh how we love us some Brian, Steve and Gretchen in the morning!) And, so we missed the news that was Houston and the great rain storm of 2009.

Now, we weren't completely ignorant that things may not be all that they seem up in Houston. As we were getting in the car, Dean got a call from someone he works with who asked if Dean was watching the news. He quickly filled us in that there was some flooding in Houston and schools were cancelled. Not our school. So, Torrey and I left.

It was slow going and we had to move from one highway to the next because of water on the highway. We trudged along. Listening to one school close after another. We were one exit from where we needed to be when the light bulb went off in my head and I told Tor to check my phone for messages ... and, there was one saying there was a 2 hour delay. We got off the highway and looped around and headed for home.

And, our trip home was really no big deal. It was easy. I made it home quickly. And, promptly took a nap on the couch until I had to be up for "reals".

Now, after my last experience I decided that two things about the return trip to school would be different. First, I was leaving at 9 ... just in case school was called off for good (because the news was saying to stay put unless you HAD to go out) and secondly, I was taking my phone off of vibrate. Why hadn't I thought of that on the first trip? Dern.

I guess I should also say I left Torrey at home. Because we put her education first like that.

So, off I went. The highway that had been closed was now open. I made it to school in record time. Well, in time for my phone to ring as soon as I pulled onto campus to tell me that school was cancelled ... for real this time. I would like to say that steam did not come out of my ears. But, this blog is about honesty.

And, so I did what any responsible teacher would do who suddenly finds themself with a surprise day off. I quickly got myself off of the property before anyone realized I was there. I am no dummy.

My day off was not wasted. On my second trip into school within two hours, I realized that the inspection sticker expired on 3/09 ... so I got myself to an inspection station ASAP, I went to the grocery store (mostly because I got a text from Dean and Torrey to tell me that we were out of mint chocolate chip ice cream) and I went home to lunch and a nap. It was a good day.

Oh, and as for our house. We didn't have the problems Houston did. As a matter of fact when we left in the morning I questioned the "flooding" because our driveway was dry.

We have learned two big lessons of the great rain storm of 2009 ... watching local news can be a good thing, and you never know what will happen when you pray for rain!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Today was a really good Tuesday ... really good. Not sure what made it exceptionally good ... 23 days until summer? an all green day? coming home with "no homework"? dinner out? Any of these. It was a good day.

Thank you for praying for Gracyn. She came through the surgery beautifully. Please pray for her tomorrow ... she is having a biopsy to make sure she is not rejecting the heart. If all goes well, she could go home on Monday. Monday. Marvelous Monday. Continue to pray for the family of the teenage boy.

On Saturday we had the worst rain storm I have seen in ... well, ever. I was half expecting to see an ark come sailing down the street. HA! You will all be amused to know that we are now the proud parents of TWO dogs who hate thunder. Especially great when it started to thunder in the middle of the night. Oh, Zoey ... why?!

American Idol tonight ... still rooting for Danny, but "Liza Minnelli" is in a close second. And, Kris is good too.

I still think I could run the Amazing Race. Crazy? Maybe. But, it would be fun.

Dean will be participating in a dodgeball tournament on Saturday. It benefits the mission trip Torrey will be going on in July. I will be going for the laughs. When was the last time you played dodgeball? (Actually, when I was in Elementary School, we called it "Murder Ball". At a Christian School. Nice.)

And, finally, I leave you with this. We are having the dogs boarded this weekend because we are having an Open House ... at a Pet Lodge. They asked Dean if they would like a before bed snack. What? Actually, what we really expect are chocolates on their pillows and those fancy animals made out of towels. Good grief. They are just dogs.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A New Heart

On March 1st, I told you about a sweet pumpkin who is need of a new heart. As I type this she is headed into surgery to receive her new heart. Please pray for Gracyn. Pray that her new heart would not be rejected. Pray for the doctor's hands to be steady. Pray for a speedy recovery. Pray for her parents as they send her into surgery ... they have placed her in the hands of the Almighty, but they will need comfort and peace tonight. And pray for a teenage boy's family. They have given a family back their daughter on the day they lost their son. Pray that they would see God more clearly during these dark days.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today Wasn't Really ALL Bad

Let me begin by stating the obvious ... I am a "blog stalker". As in I read several blogs of people who in the real world are strangers. However, in blog world, they are my bffs. And, I take great joy in knowing that I have hooked my sister on a few of my favorite blogs!

Anyways, I commented on one of my favorite daily reads and today when I got to school I found I had a reply from her. As in an email. Maybe we aren't bffs only in blog world (or my imagination) ... could we also be bffs in real life?! It was a good day.

Secondly, I am an avid watcher of the Duggar family ... as in TLC's "18 Children and Counting". Tonight their oldest son and his wife (Oh, yes I did watch their wedding. It was fabulous ... only made better by the fact that Dean agreed to watch it with me. He does not share my love of all things Duggar!) announced they are expecting. I may, or may not, have cried I was so happy with the news. I am especially excited to see their baby gift registry ... since their wedding registry had M&M's and coke products on it. (I kid you not ... see why I love them? Everyone knows how important M&M's and coke are to a marriage!) It was a good day.

Thirdly, I just discovered "Tiaras and Toddlers" on TLC. Do I really need to tell you that Dean is out of town? The contestant just said, "In my six years I have done many marvelous things. Such as ice skating, soccer, the chess team, dancing, gymnastics, modeling, TV work, and of course pageants." Seriously. Because of the magic that is dvr I was able to watch it more than once ... didn't want to misquote her! What? No time for solving the problem of world peace? Seriously, the crown needs to go to the crazy crying mothers standing in the wings. Oh Dean, please come home soon!

And, lastly, I forgot to mention that yesterday I got something AWESOME in the mail. An autographed picture of President and Mrs. Bush. Mailed to me. In an envelope with my name on it. Written with a pen. Not a label. All because my sister sent him a copy of this blog. Still missing you Mr. President. Still missing you. (Maybe this time I will get a letter to go along with picture!)

So, today wasn't a total loss. Now, I must run ... there is about to be a "Mardi Gras" competition on Toddlers and Tiaras. One mom just told her 5 year old daughter to not be a "hoochie" ... what planet am I on?!


Today has been a day I would not like to see repeated. Good grief. It has been gross. This has been one tough year in Kindergarten. As hard as it is (and has been), I know it could be so much worse. It could be so much more frustrating. It could be so much more discouraging. I am starting to begin and end each day the same way ... on my knees.

And, I really should have known the kind of day I was stepping into when I woke up at 4:17 am and started to pray that "my words would be gentle and my spirit should be sweet". God has some kind of sense of humor.

I wrote all that to say this ... I just spent the last 5 minutes and 40 seconds worshipping to this. I daresay you will be unable to keep your hands down ... and the tears will flow. It is my new favorite song!

So, Happy Tuesday ... although it was my "Monday" ... which may explain my day!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

He Is Risen ...

He is risen indeed!

May you be reminded of the cross this Easter.

With love,
Dean, Tracy and Torrey

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Moving ... Again!

Dean and I have moved more times in our marriage than can be counted on two hands. We commented today that we are about to move into Torrey's 8th house. We have moved twice across the country. We have moved around the corner and down the street. Not sure which is easier.

We commute about an hour to get to school and church ... and to our "real life." I have almost come to view our house as a place to sleep, because that is about all I do there. Torrey is heading into 8th grade and as much as we have tried to stop the inevitable, high school is just around the corner (shudder). We knew it was time to do something.

And, so we have put our house on the market. When it sells we will move the 20+ miles into Houston. While our house will be smaller, our neighborhood a little noisier, our "living" will be so much better. We are all excited about the prospect of a 15 minute commute. Life changing.

Now, that is not to say "someone" (who writes this blog) hasn't had a few meltdowns this week. This is the first time we have sold a house without "knowing" where we will be ... we know the area, just not the house. I can't picture it in my head. I can't imagine living there. I can't dream about what it will be like. I take comfort in the knowing that God is going before us. In knowing that the perfect house for us is being prepared. In believing that everything will be revealed in exactly the right moment. I also am secretly hoping for a fairy to come and pack for me ... hey! a girl has to dream!

Keep watching ... the house could sell at any moment ... we have had two showings this weekend. And, until then, we wait. And, we all know how much I love waiting!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Who Are YOUR "Peoples"?

So, yesterday was the funnest day of the school year. The funnest. It was our annual field day/carnival. That's right ... I spent my day eating cotton candy! (Well, not really ... I did have to teach for the first 2 hours. I came to the sad conclusion that the week leading up to EagleFest is worse than the week before Christmas in Kindergarten!)

Invisible ink is part of the fun of the carnival. There was a crazy line as soon as the carnival opened. And, these kids are serious ... they buy as much invisible ink as they have tickets for and pour the little bottles into water guns. As a teacher, you really don't stand a chance. It is their one day to pay you back for color changes. HA!

Last year the computer teacher squirted me as I walked by. I said, "Really?!" and she told me my shirt was too white. I told her I would get her back on a day of my choosing and she would not know when. That day came yesterday.

I may (or may not) have told my class they must get Miss Kyzar for me.

The day before EagleFest as we were again going over the rules of the day I reminded them to not squirt the invisible ink in anyone's faces. And then she said it ...

Bella announced, "Don't worry Mrs. Townsend. Your peoples will get Miss Kyzar for you!"

That's right. I have "peoples" ... and they were willing to go into battle for me. Sorry Miss Kyzar ... I didn't mean to unleash my "peoples" on you!

Which leads me to wonder. Who are your "peoples"? And, who are you a "people" for? Who would you be willing to go into battle for? Who would you be willing to stand beside and stand with? On your worst day or your best day who are the "peoples" who will be there with you?

I have also begun to wonder what I will do for material on this blog when Bella moves on to first grade. I just may keep her back ... because everyone knows you need some good "peoples" in your class!