Friday, March 21, 2008


Our girl is twelve. Twelve. Twelve. Let that wash over you for a few minutes. Did you just shudder ... I did! Torrey turned 12 on Sunday. She is an amazing girl/young lady. She is hilarious ... and ever so witty. I would like to say she gets that from me, but, truth be told I think that is all Dean. She is smart (again Dean). Beautiful (could that one please be me?) And, above all else she is a "God's Girl" ... she has such a desire to love Him and know Him. I love that after going to Launch (our church's youth group) she will always thank me for taking her. Who knows who she will be ... but, we have always known she would be amazing! She had (in her words, not mine) a "very successful birthday". Translation: she got a lot of gift cards! Auntie Linda and Uncle Paul arrived in time to help celebrate (am I the only one who is sad that she no longer calls Paul Auntie Paul?!) What a day! Do you think she would mind if we had her stay 12 for a year or two extra ... I cannot bear the thought of 13 (bet you shuddered now!)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Warning (you WILL thank me later!)

I feel I have a civic duty to warn my family and friends so they do not make the same mistake I did. Before I begin, let me say I love the place I am about to describe ... nothing brings me more joy than a giftcard from this place! However, my favorite coffee shop (with over 11,000 shops, I am sure one is located on your drive to work ... there are 4 on my drive to work and 1 directly in my sightline out my classroom window. Glory!) has decided to make a drink which you MUST NOT BE TRICKED INTO TRYING! I am speaking of the honey latte. Yes, I am aware that the picture on the wall looks enticingly delicious. Yes, I know that the person behind the counter will tell you it is most delicious. Neither of these things are true ... I found this out first hand on Friday morning. My first sip tasted like dirty feet (or, the way cat pee smells ... you decide which is worse for you). I actually thought in my head that nothing can really be that bad and maybe I should give it another try and I did (once I gave my taste buds a moment to stop rioting in my mouth) ... Anyways, taste #2 was worse than taste #1. Why oh why did I go for the 2nd taste?! So, I poured it down the drain. I do have to confess that I debated pouring it down the drain since my pouring it down the drain meant I would have no coffee that day ... the day Spring Break started in Kindergarten, the day we have been counting down for, the day we actually had a dance party for. Good grief. Not the day to not have coffee. So, as my sister says, stick with what you know. From now on it will be sugar-free vanilla lattes for me.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Like I needed one more thing to do ...

Ta Da! A blog from the Townsends. It was mostly created because we live far away from those we love and we needed to do a better job of keeping them in the loop of our lives ... it was not created because I had a ton of extra time on my hands! Good Grief! Life is busy! Between church, family, school, sports our life is full (and, that is just Tuesday!) But, life is good ... no, actually, life is great! (even on the hard days!) So, welcome to our blog! It is our hope that the posts to come will keep you connected to who we are and what is happening in our lives. Enjoy!