Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I'm baaaaaack! Muahahaha! 

I fully intended to have some fun pictures of our day to share with you ... but, it did not happen. That is what happens when you leave your phone at home.

I left early to meet my friend Roxanne for coffee.  Roxanne works with me ... she used to be the Kindergarten assistant (I loooooved telling her that I was her boss. HA!) She lived my hardest year with me. And is one reason I made it out alive. Please imagine a picture of us at Starbucks here.

Dean left early for College Station. Torrey was going to go with him, but please go back and read the third word of the last sentence. Torrey doesn't do early in the summer. And, if you make her, you will be sorry. I learned the hard way yesterday.

Anywho ... Dean. College Station. Why? He is going to be giving a guest lecture this summer and he went to talk to the professor. Now, if you give a guest lecture, can you now be called professor? I say yes. He says no. I am calling him "Professor" anyways. This guest lecture thing came out of nowhere and it is just a fun thing. Torrey and I both want to go and watch ... Dean thinks it is weird. My brother has offered to supply the PayDay candy bars (you must be a fan of The Office to even get that). Please imagine a picture of Dean saying "Gig'em" here.

I also ran into school to take care of a few things. Some people who live in my house are occasionally jealous I have summers off. To which I say, "Professor, I really don't have the summer off." I was a little giddy to see some of my teacher friends in the process ... I am so thankful to work with people I truly enjoy. Please imagine a picture of me at school here.

I came home and it was close enough to 2:00 to call it 2:00. And, I think we all know what time that is ... SIESTA! The first week of school is rough ... mostly because I am detoxing from my inability to take a nap at 2:00. It is a risk I am willing to take. Please imagine a picture of me napping here. Or, if you would prefer, a picture of Torrey and Bentley napping on the couch here.

Dinner was made. It was delicious. And simple to make. Can. Not. Go. Wrong. With. That. There could be a picture of the dinner here ... except we ate it all. One of these days I may put the recipe on here ... but, we all know what that means.

And, now ... everyone is relaxing. I'm the lucky one ... Bentley is right beside me. He is one snuggly puppy ... and deeply in love with all of us. 

So, in a nutshell ... today was one good day. Full of friends. Full of coffee. Full of exciting new opportunities. Full of family. Full of rest. Full of preparation. Full of sweet, warm puppies. Full. Full. Full.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Blog Post Every Day? No. Just No.

Torrey informed me yesterday that there was no reason why I shouldn't be blogging every day. 

Please excuse me while I go and wring her neck. Because I do not sit around and do nothing. Right now I am waging a war on the dog hair that is EVERYWHERE. And I am crafting a letter to the person who told me Cavalier King Charles Spaniels do not shed. Lies. And then there were the cookies that were made today. And the laundry that was folded. And the dinner that was made. People. This ship does not drive itself.

But, let's see ... where are we. Or, better yet ... where have we been?

It is summer. I made it through the last day of school ... barely. I spent most of that weekend crying. And have cried a few times since. I love my job and I love my littles. But, I also love summer. And 2:00 naps.

Torrey completed her Junior year. She is a Senior. College is around the corner. I am really not talking about it. And I may be headed into therapy soon.

Torrey needed a physical for school. I took her. And when her doctor informed us she had pneumonia in the middle of the WELL-CHILD physical we did what any sane people would do ... we laughed. Hard. Because of course she had pneumonia. Torrey has been sick more than she has been well this past school year. There was one visit to the doctor when the doctor told Dean she called back the intern (who had left for the day) because she "knew Torrey would have something weird and the intern wouldn't want to miss it." Yup. That was our year. (It was a little weird to leave with a clean bill of health the following week ... that hasn't happened in a LONG time.)

I spent a week in New Hampshire. For the record ... New Hampshire is fabulous in the summer. Houston ... not so much. I think the warmest it got was in the high 70's. Devine.

Torrey spent a week in Costa Rica on a missions trip. Life changing. She was excited to tell us that she knew more Spanish than she thought she knew. Three years of Spanish paid off ... thank you Senora! She got to do a little zip lining. It sounded fun to me ... and then she showed me the picture of her zip lining UPSIDE DOWN! No. Just no.

Dean did not go to New Hampshire or Costa Rica. Someone had to be home to keep up on the dog hair. Is it possible they are shedding so much because it is hot? Or because we have let their hair get longer? These are the questions we ask in our house. The cats ask, "Why are the dogs still here?" Still not fans.

So, in a nutshell that is where we are. Some big things coming up ... Houston Project Mission 1:8. LAST Fourth of July at Linda and Paul's. Rush Week. School supply shopping. Good times.

Come back tomorrow ... and read this again. Because I am fairly confident I won't be blogging every day!