Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Morning Miracle

Today has been a good day.  As in good in epic proportions.  And it is Monday ... which is enough of a miracle.  But, that isn't my Monday Morning Miracle.

I told you in my post here that my class has prayed for the adoption of a little brother and sister of one of the girls in my class.  I told you that on the last Wednesday of the year it became official.  But there was more to the story ... as Paul Harvey would say.

Little sister has been sick for almost 3 weeks.  More sick than any child deserves to be.  The fact that she is still alive today could be the Monday Morning Miracle.  But it isn't.

Sweet Mom and Dad flew to Ethiopia to go to court to become the parents of these two children knowing they would have to leave them in Ethiopia until their paperwork was taken care of and they would then return to bring them home.  The returning part could take a few weeks or it could take months ... there was no definite timeline.  That was the plan all along ... but, when God is writing your story, expect to be blown away.

Little sister's sickness was quite serious.  Life and death serious.  There really isn't anyway to care for this child in Africa serious.  You MUST get her to the states serious.  And while her parents were doing everything they could in Africa to get her home, we were doing the only thing we could do in the states.  Begging God to bring her home.

There were three health tests the children had to pass for the embassy to even consider allowing them to leave early.  This morning word came that they had each passed the tests.  Praise you Jesus!

(On a side note ... I found out they passed the tests while at Starbucks.  I burst into tears just as it was my turn to order.  Poor guy behind the counter.  I promised him they were happy tears.)

And then there was an embassy appointment which would decide whether or not the children could come home early.  Tonight the Mom and Dad are on a plane headed back to the states ... with little brother and sister.  Unexpected.  Unbelievable.  A Miracle.  Praise you Jesus!

There is no part of the journey to these two that hasn't been filled with emotion.  The overwhelming emotion being pure unconditional love.  They are terribly loved ... ached for, wanted, anticipated, prayed for, loved.  Tomorrow morning I will be at the airport to celebrate their homecoming.  To watch them meet their new brothers and sister.  To join together with others who love them to just say "Praise you Jesus!"

Go here to read their story.  I promise you will not be able to read it without falling in love with them too!

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Praising Jesus with you.